Quesadilla Maker by Progressive

Progressive are a company that just keep coming up with innovative designs. And the Quesadilla maker is just another one of those great ideas.

With the Progressive Quesadilla Maker you can cook quesadillas in the microwave or you can use  it to warm and serve up to 10 tortillas at a time.

The Quesadilla maker has a raised design on the base which means the air can circulate around the tortillas and stops them from going soggy and  stay cool handles for easy handling and transporting from the microwave to the table.

This is so easy that the kids can use and you can have peace of mind knowing they can prepare themselves something good to eat without having to use the stove.

So how do you make a quesadilla:

Put a layer of cheese and other fillings such as precooked chicken strips or jalapenos on a tortilla and then top the fillings with another tortilla.

The quesadilla maker  is made from high heat polypropylene so you can simply pop it into the microwave for a minute or two,depending on your microwave’s wattage and the amount of fillings you have in the quesadilla  and before you know it you have a yummy quesadilla.

Now here is another great thing about this quesadilla maker, once the quesadilla has finished cooking you simply invert the lid and cut the quesadilla into 6 wedges using the raised pattern on the lid.

Clean up is easy as you can pop the quesadilla maker into the dishwasher.


Where Can I Buy the Progressive Quesadilla Maker?