VillaWare Petite Belgian Waffle Iron – Makes Great Belgian Waffles


The Petite Belgian Waffle Iron is no longer available.


Looking for a waffle iron that makes waffles that are just the right size for the kids well the VillaWare  Petite Belgian Waffle Iron could just be the machine for you. But there is no reason mom and dad can’t have their share as well, you just might need to consume a few more.

The waffles cook very quickly in fact you can make  three 3 1/2 inch Belgian waffles  in less than three minutes.41p088366tl_aa280_.jpg

We all love waffles and know just how great they are for breakfast or as a sweet dessert with a topping of whipped cream and/or ice-cream and fruit.

There are seven temperature settings and two browning levels so that you can get the result that you like. And when your waffles are cooked the is a chime that lets you know they are done.

The durable non stick grids are simple and  easy-to-clean.It is recommended that you handwash only.

The VillaWare UNO Petite Belgian Waffle Maker creates three 3.5-inch round waffles that are just the right size for kids, smaller appetites, or for desserts. These miniature waffles have deep pockets for holding syrup or luscious toppings, like fresh fruit.

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