Weber One Touch Gold Grill BBQ – Outdoor Cooking Made Easy

weber-one-touch-gold-grill-bbqWe thought it was about time we included the outdoor cooking afficianado’s in our great product buys.

I have a Weber One Touch BBQ and I have to say that I just love it for cooking outdoors in the summertime. The kitchen stays cool because I don’t have the oven on, and the Weber makes a great job of cooking roasts and veges.

And for anyone that hasn’t had much experience cooking in a kettle grill, Weber include an owner’s manual that is chock full of hints, tips and recipes.
Everything about this Weber is designed to make your outdoor cooking experience pleasant and hassle free.

Features of the Weber One Touch Gold Grill BBQ:

  • The Weber One Touch cleaning system allows you to move a single lever so that the ash falls into the removable catch pan below.  Emptying the kettle is quick and easy and takes very little time
  • The lid and the bowl are made from heavy-gauge porcelain-enameled steel so they won’t rust, fade or peel. The grill can be left out in the weather and it won’t be affected in any way.
  • The grill’ has a nickle plated grate with two built in hinged side openings so you can safely add briquettes if necessary
  • When the Weber is not in use you can hang the grate from the bowl
  • The legs and the ash catcher are rust-resistant aluminum
  • The handles are glass reinforced, weather resistant nylon
  • The wheels are sturdy and make it easy to manouver your Weber to where you want it
  • The cooking surface is 22 1/2 inches in diameter, so it is big enough to cook a lot of food.

Weber is a US based company who designed and manufactured the first kettle shaped grill around 1951. The Weber Kettle Grill became very popular and Weber expanded the range to include top-of-the-line gas grills. They have incorporated lots of extra feature such as flavorizer bars, porcelain-enameled cooking grates and their unique burner systems.

Not only does Weber have an excellent range of styles in gas grills they also have all the accessories you will ever need to make your outdoor cooking experience a pleasant one with great results.

And if you want to make sure you steaks are done just right then why not have a look at the Maverick Laser Infrared Surface Thermometer.

Where Can I Buy the Weber One Touch Gold Grill BBQ?