What is Anodized Cookware?

Anodized aluminum is a popular cookware option among cooks, and you will often see it on display if you are shopping for new pots and pans.  But what exactly is anodized aluminum cookware, and why is it worth the additional price?

How Does Anodization Work?

When air touches aluminum, a chemical reaction takes place which causes the aluminum to create a thin protective layer which resists corrosion, rusting, and pitting.  Over time, however, this natural coating will decay meaning that even the highest quality aluminum cookware will eventually become pitted and useless.  Furthermore, most cookware is not made of pure aluminum, and alloys oftentimes have a weaker natural protective layer.

 Anodization involves placing the aluminum or aluminum alloy in a chemical bath consisting of electrolytes like sulfuric acid, and then running an electrical current through the bath.  The result is a protective layer that is thicker than the naturally-occurring oxidation process, and which resists corrosion for a longer time. 

 What Are the Advantages of Anodized Aluminum Cookware?

The anodization process gives aluminum cookware a hard inner layer with a smooth, non-stick surface.  Furthermore, this layer is highly non-reactive, which means that it won't be discolored as easily and it won't pass on any strange flavors to your foods.  Some other advantages of anodized aluminum include:

- Won't dent as easily as regular aluminum.
- Food won't stick and burn.
- Easier to use – requires less stirring and scraping.
- Washes up more easily.
- Scratch-resistant.
- Healthier – requires less cooking fat, and no metals will leak into your food.
- Darker color retains more heat, saving energy costs
- Twice as strong as steel.
- Heavier weight helps it sit better on your heating element.
- Costs less than stainless steel, with many of the same properties.

Finally, the anodization process allows aluminum to hold dyes, so that pans can be made in festive outer colors.

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