KitchenAid Food Grinder (Mincer) Attachment Review

Kitchenaid mixer Attachment packThis attachment not only does the job of grinding meats for burgers but it also grinds vegetables and turns unpeeled apple slices into a smooth applesauce.

It provides both a fine and coarse grinding option. And although it’s great for meat it can even grind dried bread to make breadcrumbs, grate cheese and grind up foods to make baby food.

For starters, you need to be aware that the KitchenAid Food Grinder attachment isn’t an industrial machine – it’s made for home use only so don’t be thinking that you can throw a whole steak through the machine and expect it to work. The meat needs to be cut into manageable sized pieces first. But that appears to be the only drawback with this great little attachment.

We’ve run this food grinder through it’s paces a number of times now and it has done the job beautifully each time.

Our First Test – Making Sausage Mince

We decided for our first test to make up a batch of sausages which we go in to more detail in the sausage stuffer section but as part of the process we needed to mince the meat up first. We bought some lamb and cut it into pieces as suggested in the manual and proceeded to feed it through the machine. We used the food pusher to push the meat through and it didn’t take much effort at all. The meat simply worked it’s way through and we ended up with nicely ground lamb.

The manual that comes with this food grinder attachment does suggest grinding the meat through twice if you want to get a more tender result. We didn’t do that at the time and we probably should have because in our first attempt to make sausages using the sausage stuffer (see sausage stuffer review) we had a tough time getting the meat through the machine to stuff the sausages.

Our Second Test – Grating Cheese

Coming soon…

Our Third Test – Making Bread Crumbs

Coming soon…

What’s Included

  • Food grinder
  • Two plates – one coarse and one fine
    • The fine plate according to the manual is used for grinding foods such as raw meat, cooked meats, spreads and breadcrumbs.
    • The coarse plate is used for raw or cooked meats, firm vegetables, dried fruits and cheese.
  • ·Food pusher

What others are saying

Most of those who have purchased this grinder have raved about it with many stating that it is their favorite amongst all of their KitchenAid mixer attachments. We love it too and it is one we certainly recommend.

Some have complained about ‘black goo’ coming out of their machine. This actually never happened to us, however it is suggested that you run some bread through the machine first. One of the reviewers on Amazon actually asked a chef friend about this problem and this was their response:

“Yes, that happens with all meat grinders, especially when they are new. The blade and the die need to wear down a bit until they are completely flush with each other. Does the goo continue coming out for a long time, or is it only right at the beginning? It should stop after a couple seconds of grinding, after which just get rid of the stuff at the beginning. the rest of your grind should be clean if your meat is cold enough. Eventually this’ll stop as the grinder gets broken in.”

A couple of other reviewers also mentioned that the ‘black goo’ is a food grade lubricant so although it doesn’t look the best, it isn’t going to kill you. Even so, I think most of us would probably pick those bits out rather than have them end up in our food.

You can read more reviews here.

Where can you buy the KitchenAid Food Grinder attachment?

We purchased our food grinder from We purchased it as part of an attachment pack which made it a lot cheaper than buying it separately. The attachment pack included the food grinder as well as the slicer and shredder attachment and the fruit and vegetable strainer attachment. So all up it was a pretty good deal for the price. And yes, all the pieces in the pack worked on our Australian KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer. However you can also purchase the food grinder on it’s own from Amazon here if you don’t want the rest of the pieces.



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