The Amazing Range of Colors of the KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer

I have just taken delivery of a beautiful shiny Empire Red KitchenAid Artisan Stand mixer. And I have to say that it looks absolutely stunning on my kitchen benchtop. I was tossing up between the Empire red and the new limited edition Candy Apple Red but finally decided on the Empire Red and I love it.

The KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer offers plenty of power and room for mixing everything from pizza dough or ice cream to citrus juices and bread dough. It has a huge 5-quart capacity and a powerful 325-watt motor, 10 mixing speeds and an impressive selection of add-on accessories.

As if all the power, convenience and versatility weren’t enough, today there’s even more to love about KitchenAid stand mixers– the rainbow of colors you have to choose from when you purchase a KitchenAid Artisan.

It used to be choosing accessories was the only way to personalize your KitchenAid mixer, but now you can choose among so many different colors. The amazing range of color choices available makes buying, owning and using a KitchenAid more fun than ever.

All KitchenAid Artisan stand mixers feature a gorgeous, polished stainless steel mixing bowl and attractive retro style. Yet it’s up to you to decide which color best suits the Artisan’s style and design, to match your personal taste and your kitchen décor.

If you think a blue KitchenAid Artisan would be ideal, you have plenty of options. There’s pretty, bright Cornflower Blue, rich Blue Willow, or deep, majestic Cobalt Blue. For a cheerful blue-sky type of hue that ideally compliments the Artisan’s retro design, you’ll love the brilliant turquoise color Ice.

Those who would rather own a green KitchenAid mixer won’t have an easy time of choosing among the three beautiful Artisan green-hued options. There’s the bright look of green apple, the rich deep foresty green look of Bayleaf and the light, almost creamy color Pistachio.

You even have KitchenAid Artisan color choices if black would best suit your style. You can choose the almost frosted black look of Imperial Black, rich and glossy Black Onyx or the somewhat in-between, elegant Caviar.

KitchenAid Artisan stand mixers are available in a wide variety of bright as well as soft and subtle colors. There are three different varieties of orange colors, three different yellows, three greys, two almond and even two white options to consider.

If you’d like a bright red stand mixer, Empire Red is your choice, while Cinnamon Red offers a slightly more burgundy flavored red hue. There’s even a beautiful purple Boysenberry KitchenAid Artisan.

The variety of Artisan colors makes mixers more fun, but it also makes it easy to justify keeping your KitchenAid out on display. This appliance isn’t small, and its solid craftsmanship makes it rather weighty. You’ll enjoy added convenience and the chance to show off your beautiful Artisan displayed on a countertop instead of hiding it away.

KitchenAid Artisan –  a great stand mixer that gives great results and looks stunning.  What  more can I say  apart from – I love it.



A History of the KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer

As our regular readers are aware, we love the KitchenAid Artisan stand mixer and have written a detailed review on the benefits of owning one. So I thought you might like to read the history behind this great looking, excellent performing machine.

The KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer has its origins in the first standing mixer powered by electricity. This first mixer was designed by Herbert Johnson in 1908, and it was primarily designed for commercial use in large bakeries. 

Johnson’s 80-quart electric stand mixer was scaled down to a home “food preparer” and was sold by the newly renamed KitchenAid company in 1919. The new 1919 version of the KitchenAid Stand Mixer was still a bulky machine that weighed around 65 pounds. On top of that, it cost $189.50, or around $2,300 in present day cost.

 In 1936, KitchenAid hired an industrial designer to redesign their stand mixer. Three new models were produced, and the Streamline KitchenAid shape that still characterizes these machines was developed. The price was cut to around $55, making KitchenAid mixers much more affordable for home use. 

Over the years, KitchenAid stand mixers gained a reputation for quality and versatility as a food preparation tool. Virtually from the start, KitchenAid offered a variety of attachments that would allow the machine to perform many different functions. Early attachments included the food grinder, citrus juicer and pea shucker. 

KitchenAid began to offer stand mixers in a bright array of colors in 1955. KitchenAids became available in Petal Pink, Satin Chrome, Sunny Yellow, Island Green and Antique Copper.

Although more than 90 years have passed since the introduction of the first KitchenAid, the machine has remained much the same in many ways. Today’s stand mixers are still produced in the same factory in Greenville, Ohio where the very first 1919 model was manufactured. The mechanics of the original mixer have been altered so little, attachments made in 1919 will still fit today’s KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer. 

Today there are many more colors to choose from when it comes to purchasing a KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer, but the spirit behind offering the original color varieties in 1955 remains the same. Colorful choices make buying, owning and using a KitchenAid stand mixer more fun and exciting for owners. 

The tradition of designing useful attachments that allow the KitchenAid to serve as many roles as possible in the kitchen is also in place now as it was in the past. Today, the Artisan Stand Mixer can not only mix dough and batters, but can serve as a food grinder, citrus juicer, sausage maker and pasta maker, to name but a few roles it can serve.

So there you have it, the KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer – a product manufactured with performance and style, just right for your everyday baking needs.

KitchenAid Hand Mixer – Ultra Power Plus 7-speed

KitchenAid make excellent hand mixers. And in my opinion, a hand mixer is one of those ‘must have’ gadgets.

The KitchenAid Ultra Power Plus Hand Mixer is strong enough to mix stiff cookie dough while being lightweight and quiet to use. It gives you a consistent mixing speed thanks to KitchenAid’s electronic sensor that automatically adjusts the power flow.

I find that a hand mixer is ideal for those times when you really can’t be bothered dragging the large mixer out, usually when I want to whip up some cream or other small mixing task. Another of the great features of this mixer is that when you turn it on it starts slowly so that you don’t get ingredients being splashed everywhere. And it has a user friendly digital pad that has  7 speeds so all your mixing requirements are covered.

The ergonomically designed handle is comfortable to hold and  it makes holding the mixer easy, for even those longer mixing jobs, and the mixer has a functional, wide, stable heel rest.
KitchenAid Cook for the Cure® Ultra Power Plus 7-speed Hand Mixer, Pink
Once you have finished mixing, the beaters simply release with a touch of a button.

The beaters are thin and don’t have that center post, which makes cleaning the beaters easy as you don’t get that hard to clean clogging in the center.

This hand mixer also comes as part of the ‘Cook for the Cure’ range of pink KitchenAid products where KitchenAid donates money to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. So not only are you buying a quality functional product but you will be helping in the fight against Breast Cancer.

The pink mixer looks so cute, but it is also available in red and white.

We found the best price for the KitchenAid 7 Speed Hand Mixer at

Pink KitchenAid Cookware – Cook for the Cure® – Food Processor

pink-kitchanaid-food-processorThe Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Foundation was established in 1982 , with its dedication to eradicating breast cancer through research, education, screening and treatment programs.

Kitchenaid support the work of the Foundation and they will donate $25 to the Foundation for each Limited edition Pink Kitchenaid food processors sold.

So not only are you getting a quality product but you will also be helping the Foundation fund its ongoing work to help women with breast cancer.

The Pink KitchenAid food processor has a family sized 12 cup capacity. And it comes with everything you need to help with your cooking preparation.

Apart from the generous capacity bowl you also receive a 4-cup mini bowl and mini blade which is ideal to chop up small items such as fresh herbs and nuts, mince garlic or puree baby food, soups and sauces.

This food processor has a powerful motor so that all your slicing and blending is done with ease. There are the two feed tubes, a tall one for long foods such as zucchini and a narrow tube for veges such as carrots and celery and there is also a two-piece food pusher so that your fingers are protected from the blades.

The multi-purpose blade mean you can chop, mince, blend, mix or puree foods quickly and easily, and it is very easy to remove the blade and replace it with one of the slicing or shredding discs so that you can shred cabbage for coleslaw, slice potatoes, meat or cheese. Included with the processor is a 2mm and a 4 mm slicing disc, and a 4mm shredding disc.

Mixing and kneading bread or dough is a breeze with the dough blade, and the handy spatula that is included, means that you can scrape out all of the ingredients when you have finished mixing, slicing or kneading.

The Pulse button gives you total control over the length of cutting or slicing process so you don’t end up with mushed tomatoes but nice uniform slices..

The durable work bowls are made from polycarbonate, are stain-resistant and dishwasher-safe as are the blades, discs and accessories.

The Pink KitchenAid Food Processor comes with a storage case which you can use to hold your blades, discs and cleaning tool and keep your accessories dust-free.

Everyone who has purchased this machine is delighted with its performance, good looks and quiet operation.

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Kitchenaid 9 Speed Hand Mixer Review

kitchenaid-9-speed-hand-mixerI must admit that I like hand mixers. I like them because they are quick and easy to put together and they don’t take up a lot of space like say a stand mixer.

Kitchenaid have developed a superb hand mixer that is a perfect accessory for any home kitchen. The Kitchenaid 9 Speed Hand Mixer is just one of those must haves for anyone serious about their cooking.

This hand mixer won’t get through heavy bread dough but you will be able to mix just about anything else in this powerful model.

What We Like

  • It has an amazing 9 speed settings and there is a smooth transitioning between speeds.
  • The slow start option means that you won’t get food splattering around your kitchen when you first start up the mixer.
  • Also includes a whisk attachment for beating delicate items like cream and eggs.
  • Very easy to clean. Kitchenaid have designed this well by providing smooth surfaces and no areas where food can get clogged.
  • It’s solid but also light weight so you won’t tire easily.
  • It’s also relatively quiet.

What We Didn’t Like

  • The price may be just out of reach for some but this is a quality mixer that will see a lot of use.

Where Can I Get the Best Price?

We found the best price at who were at least $20 cheaper than their closest rival.

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