All Clad 14 Piece Stainless Steel Cookware Set Review

"The ultimate cookware for discerning home cooks"

We love the durability and good looks of All Clad cookware and felt it was time to review one of their top of the line sets - in this case the All Clad 14 Piece Tri-Ply Stainless Steel Cookware Set.

All-Clad are amongst the top sellers in quality cookware today and for good reason. Their cookware is made with precision, care and is of a quality that many cookware manufacturers find hard to beat.


We have a fond liking for All-Clad. Not only is it a first rate cookware product but it also just looks so damn good. You can pick All-Clad cookware a mile away - it certainly stands out amongst the multitude of cookware products sitting on the shelf.

But enough with the intro - lets get to the product at hand which is the All-Clad 14 Piece Tri-Ply Stainless Steel Set.

This set features:

- 10 inch frypan
- 12 inch frypan
- 2qt saucepan with lid
- 3qt saucepan with lid
- 3qt saute pan with lid
- 6qt saute pan with lid
- 8qt stock pot with lid
- 12 inch chefs pan with lid

Once you have bought this set, you really shouldn't need anything else.

This All Clad set is both stove and oven proof safe plus it is suitable for induction stovetops.

The cool to touch, oven safe steel handles are securely riveted to the cookware for easy grip and stability.

If you spend a lot of time searching for recipes online and just love creating new and interesting dishes then All Clad is for you. This is chef quality cookware at its finest but it does come with a price tag.

However, if you sit down and think about it...and yes we have... then in the long run this set will actually save you money. Just think of all the cookware sets you've had in the past and the reason why you are looking for a new one. It is most likely that your old set fell to pieces - the handles fell off or the coating started to come away or it just didn't cook food with the precision you were looking for. With this All Clad 14 piece set you aren't going to have those sort of problems - this is truly one set that is going to last you a lifetime. You will be handing this cookware set down to your kids.

What is the All Clad 14 Piece Cookware Set Made of?

All Clad Stainless Fry PanThe All Clad stainless range features an 18/10 stainless steel interior cooking surface and a magnetic stainless steel exterior.

Now you may be wondering what all this means.

Firstly, 18/10 is just a number that indicates the amount of metal alloys that make up the stainless steel mix. Stainless steel is not just made up of steel but a mix of metals including chromium and nickel. The 18 refers to the amount of chromium and the 10 refers to the amount of nickel. Without these extra metals your stainless steel would not be 'stainless'. 18/10 indicates that this is good quality stainless steel.


Now for the 'magnetic' bit. Having a magnetic base on the cookware allows it to be used safely on induction stovetops. But never fear, it is also suitable for the more traditional stovetops as well.


All Clad 14 Piece Cookware Set ConstructionBut it doesn't stop there. Sandwiched between these two layers of stainless steel is a layer of aluminum and this is what makes the cookware work the way it does.


Stainless steel on its own is not a good conductor of heat which is why the aluminum core comes into play. Aluminum conducts heat evenly which means your meals are cooked evenly. In other words, you won't find that part of your steak has been burnt while the other part is only just cooked.


You will also find that you gain greater control as the mix of metals ensure that the cookware reacts quickly to temperature changes. This is particularly important when you are cooking sauces or other delicate mixtures that can otherwise easily burn.


The beauty of this type of construction is that you don't get the problem of aluminum contamination as the aluminum is sandwiched between the two layers of stainless steel.


All Clad Stainless Stock PotThe Best Looking Cookware...

I know I am bringing this up again, but what we really love about the All-Clad stainless steel collection is the beauty of its construction. It's sleek, stylish and stands out compared to most other cookware sets.

New Larger Handles!

One of the biggest issues with All Clad cookware was the handles which we and many others  found to be too thin and uncomfortable. Fortunately, All Clad have been listening to feedback and have introduced new more comfortable handles on the Tri-Ply range of cookware.

The stockpot in this set also includes larger hoop handles making it easier to transport from stove top to bench top.

New Engraved Capacity Marking

This isn't a biggie but All Clad have also just introduced new engraved capacity markings to the base of their cookware. So you know at a glance the capacity of your particular All Clad pan. Hence no more overflows as you will know exactly how much your All Clad pan will hold.

Is it Dishwasher Safe?

Yes, this set is fully dishwasher safe, however, we recommend hand washing. In fact, we recommend hand washing all cookware whether it is classified as dishwasher safe or not. It just means that the cookware looks better for longer.

Where is it made?

All Clad makes all of their bonded cookware in the USA. They also purchase all of their metals in the USA. At one point, All Clad were manufacturing their lids in China, however after receiving numerous complaints they have come back to manufacturing the lids in the US.

Important: Read This Before Buying All Clad

Just recently, All Clad began manufacturing the lids in the US once again and also introduced the larger handles. This means there will probably be a number of older versions of the set still on the market. However, we do know that Metrokitchen have stated on their website that they have the new range in stock and at this point, as far as we know, they are the only online cookware store that has indicated that they are selling the latest range. So if you want all US made All Clad with the larger handles then you might want to take a look at Metrokitchen.

Plus, Metrokitchen include some pretty impressive free gift package when you purchase over a certain amount including an All Clad lasagne pan, oven mitts and cookbook. And yes, you do get all three gifts!

Our Final Word

We found it hard to find something we didn't like about this set and in fact, as I write this I am still searching for something to say.


All Clad Stainless Saute PanOne possible drawback for some could be the price. Sure this isn't cheap at over $1000 but as we have already mentioned, this set should last you a lifetime and just look at how many pieces you are getting for your money.


When you think that this cookware is used by professional chefs then you know you can't go wrong.


Where Can You Buy the All Clad 14 Piece Tri-Ply Cookware Set?


The best place to buy All Clad is Metrokitchen. All Clad is their speciality and they have the latest version of the Tri-Ply range. Plus with the added bonus of the free gifts including an All Clad lasagne pan, All Clad oven mitts and a cookbook when you spend more than $500 you will really get the best bang for your buck!


>> Click here for Metrokitchen.



What Others Are Saying


We did a lot of research on the net to find out what others had to say about this product. In general this cookware set rated an average of 4.5 out of 5 on most of the sites we researched. The majority of consumers gave this set a 5 star rating. The rest rated it a 4.


We only found one reviewer who gave it less than that with a 3 star rating. Their problem was that food stuck to their pans.


We see this time and time again when people complain about food sticking to the surface of stainless steel. This is usually as a result of using high temperatures. With All Clad you actually only need to use low to medium temperatures and this is consistent with most high end cookware. Cheap cookware requires very high heats to work effectively and that is what people are used to. When they purchase a quality set like this they can't figure out why such an expensive set doesn't cook as well as they continue to use these high heats. Simply lowering the temperature works wonders.


Here are some general comments from consumers on the internet:


"The quality, beauty and ease of cleaning far exceeded my expectations."


"As far as performance, these pans are everything that I dreamed they would be. Cleanup was far easier than I was expecting. Food doesn't seem to stick anywhere as much as another stainless steel set I owned in the past (not All Clad)."


"I was however surprised to feel how heavy they are. I guess you get used to the weight of cheap pans."


"What else can I add? The cookware is the best I've ever used, and will likely last many years to come. They are beautifully crafted, sturdy, and perform as can be expected from professional cookware."


"Expensive but worth it!"


"Yes, I can see why All-Clad stainless is the choice of chefs the world over!"


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Stainless Steel




Stay cool stainless steel handle on the fry pans, sauté pans and sauce pans.

Oven Safe?:

Yes, to 500F


Hand wash recommended
Dishwasher safe


Lifetime warranty

What's Included

14pc set includes:

10-inch fry pan
12-inch fry pan
2qt saucepan with lid
3qt saucepan with lid
3qt sauté pan with lid
6qt sauté pan with lid
8qt stock pot with lid
12-inch chefs pan with lid