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The Art of Aluminum Cookware


Aluminum cookware is a common choice among consumers because of its excellent heat retention capabilities. With aluminum, pans warm quickly and stay evenly heated for as long as they are in use. Aluminum cookware is often finished with a nonstick coating to ensure food remains unburned.

Nonstick cookware is also favored by those who wish to cook with little or no butter or oil. Unfortunately, these types of surfaces also present limitations as to which types of utensils and cleaning products may be used on them.

Anodized aluminum is treated and hardened, so that it is less reactive and not prone to scratching as easily as aluminum that has not undergone this process. Anodized aluminum is also easier to maintain, adding an extra oxide film which strengthens the surface of the cookware.


Because of aluminum’s superior heat conductivity, it is efficient and a good choice for those who may be concerned about saving energy. Making meals with aluminum pots and pans is a fairly seamless task, since food cooks evenly and quickly. In addition, anodized aluminum’s hard surface helps to prevent food from sticking.


Whereas it is recommended you do not store or cook highly acidic foods in aluminum cookware, you needn’t worry about that with anodized aluminum. The specially treated metal prevents harmful reactions that would otherwise cause the metal to enter the foods. In addition, salty foods such as tomato sauce will not pit the bottom of anodized aluminum pots as it would do in a regular aluminum one.


While anodized aluminum is certainly not the most inexpensive choice of cookware out there, it is probably the most beneficial. A 10-piece set costs between $300 and $600, depending on which brand you choose. Calphalon is a popular brand, and they offer a variety of choices, ranging between everyday nonstick collections to high-end Calphalon One sets.


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