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How to Choose a Pot Rack

Now that pot racks are so popular, there are so many to choose from that it can be overwhelming.  Here are five steps to choosing a pot rack that is right for you.

1.  What Do You Need To Store?

This is also a great way to have a clear-out! 

Gather all of your pots and pans together and put them on a table or worktop.  You’ll be surprised at how many you have!

Your first task is to take out any pot or pan that you haven’t used in the last year.  To that pile, add any that are in a bad way – we all have them!

Now you’re going to look for duplications. Do you have six pots that are all the same size and you only ever use three of them?  The excess ones go on the pile.

Now, divide this pile into three - throw away, give to charity or into the garage for storage if you’re not sure.  If you don’t go into the garage to get them in the next six months, they’re out too!

You’re allowed to keep any that you only use in the winter (but do use) and any that you just love and may not use but would look great displayed!

The pots and pans that you are left with are the ones who will find a new home on your pot rack.

2.  Take A Good Look At Your Pots And Pans.

Asking yourself the following questions will help you to decide on the right rack.

- How many are there?
- What are their dimensions?  Make a list for easy shopping later.
- How heavy are they?  (Individually and all together)
- How many have handles with a hole in that would be suitable for hanging?
- How many don’t?

The answers to the last two will determine whether a hanging rack or a rack to stand them on would be better for your needs.

3.  Where Would I Put A Pot Rack?

Now take a look at your kitchen. You need to think about potential places that would be suitable for your pot rack.  Bear in mind that they can be ceiling-mounted (hanging), wall-mounted or freestanding (either flat to the wall or corner-shaped).

As you’re trying to decide, think about the following:

- If you’re short on space in the kitchen, consider the dining room.
- If you have any potential areas, such as a corner, measure the free space and add those measurements to your ‘pot rack shopping list’.
- If you’re considering a pot rack that would hang from the ceiling, do you know where your ceiling joists are?  How would you get it fixed up?  Could you do it, or get someone else to?  Would there be any additional cost involved in this?

What is your main motivation for wanting a pot rack?

If it’s for convenience then you’ll want it near to your cooking area.

Maybe more than one pot rack is needed.  For instance, you could go for a ceiling one near the stove so that you can easily and quickly access your cookware – and a corner one for that stockpot (and others!) that you love, but rarely use.

If you’re going to hang your pots and pans, how would you prefer them to hang?  If space is short, you can hang them nested.  Individual hanging is more practical but takes up more space.  With a variety of chains and hooks you could hang them at different heights.

Once you’ve decided on where your new pot rack will go, think about the following:

- Make sure it won’t stop or hinder a kitchen cabinet door from opening.
- Make sure a hanging one won’t block lighting and cast shadows on your work area.
- How high is your ceiling?  If it’s low, consider how easy it will be to walk underneath it without banging your head on pots and pans.  If it’s high, you may need a certain length of chain – or have it on a pulley system which could become annoying.
- How tall are you?  If you’re the shortest in the family, the pots could be perfectly within your reach but everyone else will get sick of ducking or banging their heads.

4.  The Pot Rack Itself

Consider keeping the rack clean. Chrome will need a lot of cleaning and polishing to keep it looking good.  Wood isn’t so high maintenance.

If you’re hanging your rack over a stove, cooking and grease stains are inevitable.

Consider the sort of look that will compliment your kitchen and its style – stainless steel, wood, painted or stained, wrought iron, copper…there are many to choose from.

5.  What’s Available?

- Freestanding or wall-mounted corner rack.
- Ceiling pot rack in any shape or finish you desire!
- Wall-mounted pot shelf.
- Pot rack with integral lighting.
- Silhouette rack which can be ceiling or wall mounted and has a border design.
- Not pot racks but would do the job – plant stands, shelving (needs to be sturdy!)

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