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A Guide to Cuisinart Cookware

History of Cuisinart Cookware

On a trip to France in 1971, Carl Sontheimer, a physicist and a cooking enthusiast, saw a demonstration of a machine designed to be used for food preparation in restaurants.  Sontheimer decided to adapt the concept of the machine to be used by home cooks in America, and tinkered with the layout and design for years, making it safer and more effective. 

In 1974, Sontheimer unveiled the first "food processor," which was praised and adopted the following year by top chefs like Julia Childs and James Beard.  Within two years, the market for food processors had exploded, and cooks across the country were taking advantage of the ability to chop foods and prepare dough in a fraction of the time.

Through continuous innovation and dedication to quality, Cuisinart became one of the leading brands of small kitchen appliances.  Today, it has branched out into other small appliances like coffee makers, juicers, mixers and counter cookers, while still producing one of the finest brands of food processors.

What Makes Cuisinart So Special?

Being the first of its kind might have given it a slight edge, but the Cuisinart company had to contend with competitors nearly immediately.  The brand has survived the test of time due to its quality construction, its emphasis on helping cooks, and its ability to continually innovate and expand into areas that strengthen the brand.  Its products remain among the highest rated in their classes.

Typical Cuisinart Product Lines

A few of the gold standard cookware product lines that you can find from Cuisinart include:

Cookware – Cuisinart imported a high quality line of cookware to accompany its food processor line early in its history.  Today, Cuisinart cookware includes:

Chef's Classic Stainless – This is a beautiful set of cookware with heavy bottoms and tight-fitting lids, perfect for the home cooking enthusiast.  They cost a fraction of the price of lines by Calphalon or All-Clad.

Multiclad Pro – An aluminum core sandwiched between layers of stainless steel makes this cookware set heat quickly and evenly for easy home cooking.

Multiclad Unlimited

Non-Stick Hard Anodized

Non-Stick Multiclad Pro

Shopping for Cuisinart Cookware

For the best range of Cusinart cookware, we recommend Cooking.com. They have a huge range and some of the best prices we've seen. They also have a lot of special deals every now and then if you spend over a certain amount so well worth the visit.


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